All of our Scout Leaders and Parent Helpers are volunteers. Basically it means we don’t get paid!

Are you bursting with energy and ideas? Do you have something to give or share? Are you most at home in a room full of people, helping bring out the best in them?


You’ll do nicely as a volunteer for our Scout Group.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities available.

Section Leaders – People like yourself who have taken on formal roles in the group (and wear a uniform!)

Section Assistants – Stay during the session and help us (don’t be shy, you’ll have fun too)

Occasional Helpers – Help us during events, trips and camps. And join in!

Admin Support – For those of you who want to help in the background or from the comfort of home. Your help is vital too.




Please contact us at info@1wfs.co.uk  for more information.

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